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Jeanine Horowitz is an international nonprofit consultant, notary public in California, and the CEO at JHRC. She works remotely to accommodate domestic and international clients. Since 2008, Ms. Horowitz has written many nonprofit applications in many states in the U.S. Additionally, she can very efficiently complete all of the forms required for the IRS nonprofit 1023 application. She works with a team of editors, but your nonprofit organization’s details are not provided to the editors. She completes the ​IRS application within 10 business days.


  • A very skilled professional grant writer. A champion highly recommended.

    The Children Dental Center

    Inglewood, California
  • Jeanine wrote a Department of Justice grant for my organization, and, as she did so, I observed her exemplary work ethics as well as her keen eye for detail. I was impressed with how the narrative coincided with the required direct and indirect budget expenses. Jeanine met the tight deadline for the grant and she registered my organization through the entire grants.gov process.

    Firm Foundation Ministries

    East Los Angles, California
  • We learned the process to become a charitable organization in the U.S. is very long and tedious. We were referred to Jeanine Horowitz, and a process that would have taken months was completed in a few days. We were very thankful for the referral and enjoyed working with Ms. Horowitz. She was fast, efficient, and very knowledgeable about the entire process of incorporating in our state. She helped us to correctly file the proper forms within the state of Nevada and then with federal government. She carefully walked us through the entire process until we received our federal nonprofit tax exemption from the IRS. Jeanine wrote our articles of incorporations, bylaws, helped organized our first board meeting, completed the 1023 narrative and included the mandatory clauses that satisfied both the state and the federal government requirements. She was available for any questions and responded to emails very promptly from abroad. She was a pleasure to work with and professional. We recommend her services and feel comfortable referring future clients.

    What’s Next

    Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jeanine is a very efficient nonprofit business consultant. Jeanine worked long and hard, tirelessly, walking us through the process, gathering and submitting all required paperwork to meet federal guidelines, and keeping you informed of the progress every step of the way! the process was stress less because of the level of her expertise to get the job done and we have now enjoyed our Tax exempt status for over three years, thanks entirely to Jeanine Horowitz. I recommend her services to anyone if you need or desire this service and to have it done as expeditiously as possible! 

    Fruit of the Spirit FGBC.

    Bossier City, Louisiana
  • Jeanine Horowitz wrote our IRS application back in 2008. She words fast. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and answered all the questions from of the IRS agent for us. We greatly appreciated her assistance to incorporate, file annual 990 tax exemption filings, and to obtain our 501c3 for tax exemptions in the United States.

    Array of Hope

    Santa Clarita, California
  • Jeanine Horowitz wrote our federal IRS application back in 2009. She is very knowledgeable about state and federal nonprofit requirements. She walked us through the entire process and we quickly obtain our tax exemption status from the state franchise board and the federal letter of determination from the IRS. For five consecutive years, she sent us annual email reminders to file both the state and federal tax exemption tax exemption forms. We are quite grateful to have worked with her and highly recommend her professional services.


    Brentwood, California
  • We confidently support Jeanine’s efforts to continue to support charities to obtain their letter of determination from the IRS.

    Kingdom Recovery Ministries

    Phenix City, Alabama
  • The international charitable contributions are most needed aboard where resources are very limited. We appreciate Jeanine’s help to incorporate and obtain charitable status in the USA. We support Ms. Horowitz efforts to help trauma survivors move forward.

    Teal Green Heart

    London, England, United Kingdom
  • Jeanine Horowitz is professional, kind and very efficient at writing and packaging IRS applications for nonprofit organizations. She produced our completed application and all the necessary attachments without errors in three days. We highly recommend her as a nonprofit consultant.

    Believer’s Worship Center

    Homer, Louisiana
  • Jeanine is very good and networking and making sure the details are completed to reduced future complications. We have worked with Jeanine on several grants in the United States, and charitable endeavors. We look forward to working with her again.


    Orpington, Kent, United Kingdom
  • I was referred to Pastor Jeanine Horowitz by CDMA to help obtain our nonprofit organization’s federal IRS application. She works very fast, knowledgeable, and completed our entire IRS application and bylaws within three days. She is very efficient, so, I had her write two IRS applications for nonprofit purposes and again, it only took her three business days and both applications were without errors. She has a keen eye for details and worked very hard. I have referred her several people to help with their nonprofit application process. I highly recommend Jeanine to help other nonprofits.

    Word of Life Christian Fellowship

    West Orange, New Jersey
  • Thank you for working so fast and for helping our nonprofit to write and complete the IRS -1023 application with the attachments for tax-exemption. It would have taken us months. We highly recommend your services to others. Thanks again.

    Elite Living Inc.

    Beverly Hills, California
  • Over a decade ago, Jeanine Horowitz wrote the IRS application for two nonprofit organizations simultaneously. The tedious work was not difficult but an accomplishment and further supports her strong track record of completing IRS nonprofit applications.

    Jeanine Horowitz Foundation

    Beverly Hills, California
  • California If you are in need of assistance preparing your IRS paperwork, Jeanine is the best. She wrote and completed our church 501c3 nonprofit application, the bylaws and the articles of incorporation. I would give her a tier one recommendation.

    Unity of All Nations

    South Central Los Angeles, California
  • Horowitz is is trustworthy, considerate, and genuinely cares for people with patience and kindness. What is unique about Pastor Horowitz is that she has exceptional business knowledge to prepare IRS applications and to write and obtain federal grants.

    Filing Pros

    Lennox, California
  • We worked with Jeanine Horowitz, and she was very patient, reliable and has a good work ethic. She gave us wise counsel and helped our organization move forward.

    Share Your Hair

    Orlando, Florida
  • We are proud supporters of Jeanine Horowitz’s efforts to continue her philanthropy work of helping the most in need.

    The Salvation Army

    Westwood, California
  • We confirm our support of Jeanine Horowitz continuance to help nonprofits to move forward and we look forward to working with her again in the near future.

    Life Changers Christian International Ministries

    Columbus, Georgia
  • Our organization obtain our letter of determination from the IRS from the efforts of Jeanine Horowitz. We heard about Pastor Jeanine Horowitz from other CDMA members that she helped write their IRS application. We asked and received very efficient, accurate, and professional help from Jeanine, and we received our letter of determination from the IRS in record time. We highly recommend Jeanine and support her philanthropic works.

    Westside Worship Center

    Richmond, Texas
  • We thank God that Pastor Jeanine Horowitz packaged our 501c3 application for the IRS. Literally, she was done within three business days and that was very impressive. Our application was without errors. She also helped revise our corporate bylaws to protect our organization. We thank Minister Shelia Wall at CDMA for the referral to this jewel.

    Full Gospel Fellowship International

    Atlanta, Georgia

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We write the entire application within 10 business days. Your organization’s details are not provided to the editors.


The entire IRS application and the mandatory attachments are emailed or sent via UPS.


It's important for you to sign, date, and to pay the IRS directly.

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We are centrally located in Beverly Hills, California, and we also work remotely from the United Kingdom.


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10 Requirements for International Entities to obtain a nonprofit in the U.S

1. Establish A Charity Name

• Align the name of your nonprofit/charity with the organization’s charitable purpose or activities

• Make sure there is not another company with the same name in the same state

• Don’t forget to check and reserve potential
domain names for the nonprofit’s website

2. Articles of Incorporation (AIC)

• Articles are documents filed in the state where the nonprofit will operate.

• AIC documents are required to establish a corporation in the United States, and are mandatory for the 1023 form to obtain
nonprofit status with the IRS.

• In order to obtain federal tax exemption, all AIC documents must have specific verbiage that meets non-profit regulations.

3. Employer Identification Number (EIN)

• The Employer Identification Number, also known as an EIN number is a required to file a 1023 form with the IRS.

• The EIN number is used to identify the organization in banking and required to be included on all state and federal employment compensation forms, such as W-2, W-4 and 1099 forms.

4. Bylaws

• The bylaws of the corporation identify the charity’s purpose, and explain in detail how the board of trustees and the nonprofit organization will operate and make business decisions.

• Just as the AIC, the bylaws have specific verbiage that summaries how the organization will fulfill its charitable activities without harm to its board of trustees.

The bylaws should have clear resolution policies to resolve any conflict of interest.

5. Conflict of Interest

• The conflict of interest statement is an important component that can be written in the organization’s bylaw

• Depending on the organization’s charitable purpose and structure, sometimes this is made a separate document and board members are required to sign this document. .

6. Licenses & Permits

• Some nonprofit organizations will require licenses and/or permits to legally operate in varies parts of the United States and abroad.

• For example, certain charitable activities such as operating a school, conducting research, providing medical care, and even nonprofits
operating abroad must obtain the applicable licenses and permits.

• Particularly, operating a school or health care facility without proper licensing may result in harsh penalties for the organization and its staff, interns, and volunteers.

7. First Meeting

• The first meeting is an assembly of all the board
of trustees and/or directors. Votes should be
cast by board members and a written record
should be recorded.

• The first recorded agenda may include (but
not limited) to the following topics:

• Vote on CEO, advisory and board members

• Vote and designate signer(s) for banking

• Vote and officially adopt bylaws and execute

9. Establish A Website

• A website and email is not required, but it is usually included within the 1023 application.

• The IRS has regulation that govern what a nonprofit organization can advertise on it’s website.

10. Federal IRS application (1023 form)

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Prevent your application from being rejected, download a copy of your documents here or email them to jeanine.horowitz@gmail.com . Your application will be completed in 10 business days.

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